Eco Friendly

We aim to provide quality accommodation and food for guests at affordable prices whilst striving to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, thus lowering our carbon footprint. In turn this will benefit the local economy and sustain the natural environment that we hope you will enjoy during your stay. We promote local producers, businesses, tourist attractions and events.

Solar Energy

As part of our on-going ecological renovations, solar panels are used to provide hot water and underfloor heating.

Home Grown Biodynamic Produce

Our vegetable garden and paddock are maintained using biodynamic principles. By working with the forces of Nature, we grow food that is alive and of the highest nutritional quality.

Shopping En Velo

Whenever possible, Lee cycles to local producers to buy fresh produce – this includes cycling to Spain in the summer months to buy watermelons!

Insect Hotel

The hotel creates a natural habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators to breed, feed and hibernate ensuring a balanced natural ecosystem is maintained year round.

Herb Spiral

A highly productive ecosystem which satisfies our culinary and medicinal needs. We grow a great diversity of herbs with different growing requirements in one small space.

Preserving Using Solar Energy

We preserve surplus produce in our home-made solar food dehydrator, ensuring a high level of flavours and nutrients are maintained.

No Sewage

We have an autonomous (or self-sustaining) septic tank system powered by live bacteria who ensure that only pure, clean water is discharged into our stream.

Taking Recycling Seriously

We recycle everything that can be recycled. But firstly we aim to reduce the need to recycle by avoiding packaging or use of unnecessary resources.