Our Philosophy On Fresh, Live Produce

We are advocates of local food, live as locavores and believe that it’s important to feel a connection with where our food comes from.

We believe that we are what we eat, so it is natural for us to maintain our vegetable garden and paddock using biodynamic principles (the next level beyond Organic). We work with the forces of nature and the cosmos to not only grow food of the highest nutrient content, but which is also full of ‘Life Forces.’ As living beings, it makes sense that we thrive on food that is also full of ‘life.’ Biodynamics offers us a responsible, sustainable and productive method of growing food.

Our chickens are more than ‘just chickens.’ They play an integral role in our biodynamic approach, producing vital ingredients to ensure the dynamic recycling of nutrients and are the best organic pesticides and weeders ever! We respect their needs and allow them to freely interact with their environment.

We have a mixed flock of pure breeds and hybrids. Their eggs are full of vitality from the energy they put into each egg. The yolks are almost orange from the insects and grass they eat and the whites are stronger from all the minerals they find. Every egg they lay is a true gift of Nature for which we are very thankful.

As our hens are raised naturally on pasture, they do not lay every day unlike their egg-laying machine commercial counterparts.

Our 'Farm to Table' menus are seasonal and are dependent on the availability of the finest local produce. This approach ensures that we serve our guests fruit and vegetables that are in season and have been picked at peak ripeness and therefore optimum nutritional values. Meat is raised on pasture and local organic trout is from sustainable sources. Where possible, we serve fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables from our garden and eggs from our hens.  All produce that we serve is purchased to order to ensure freshness and to minimise waste.

We have discovered that fresh, wholesome foods are the most nutritious, flavoursome, sustainable and best ‘recovery product’ available, allowing you to recover quickly, so that you can get out there and do it all again the next day! Naturally produced food is full of vitality to sustain your body.

With advanced notice, we can cater for special dietary needs, including: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose intolerant.

Our aim is to help you and make your stay with us special. We are very happy to cook particular dishes for you, subject to the availability of the ingredients.