The Lakes of Colomers

One of the many scattered mountain tarns within the exquisite Circ de Colomers.

Mine de Liat

The iron ore river beds are a reminder of the mining activities that took place here between 1740 and 1965.


Clear waters in a pristine environment off the beaten track.

Hospice de France

Lose life’s stressors while hiking in the high mountains with inspiring backdrops.

Vall de Conangles

A bewitching landscape of water and rock deserves a reverential approach by all who pass through.

Neouvielle Reserve

A wonderland of granite peaks and enchanting lakes amidst Europe’s highest mountain pine forest.

Barousse Valley Gorge

Escape the summer heat and swim beneath the waterfall and natural limestone arch of the Gouffre de la Saoule.

Parc National d’Aigues Tortes

Off the beaten track on moraine in the Parc National d’Aigues Tortes i Estany de Sant Maurici.

Stone Circle of Port de Pierrefite

Legend has it that the stone circle represents a shepherdess surrounded by her flock who were struck by lightening whilst walking on the mountainside.

Neouvielle Reserve

Snow still lingering on a north facing slope of the Reserve at the end of June.

Artiga de Lin

The source of France’s fourth largest river, the Garonne.

One of the highest waterfalls in Europe

One of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Set in a natural amphitheatre hear the gentle roar of the 275m high waterfall. In spring listen to the booming sounds of avalanches sending snow slides crashing to the lakeside.