Crateworks make bike boxes that are innovative and offer a different solution to typical hardcase bike boxes.

Crateworks makes travelling easier with a bike and has the added advantage of being very lightweight, allowing you to carry more equipment or paying less in excess baggage.

Crateworks will honour a 10% discount off all their bike boxes to those who visits Velo Pyrenees. Visit their website for further information about Crateworks products.


Crateworks bike box

Range of Motion offers sports massage treatments ranging from specific injury rehabilitation and deep tissue massage to bespoke packages to support individual client training goals and needs. Offering a responsive, client-focused service in Surrey and the South West London area.

For further information, please visit the Range of Motion website.


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Lee is proud to ride for Cap Vert Vtt, a friendly mountain bike club situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Cap Vert Vtt organises the annual Transpyrenees XC mountain bike race and will be hosting a Midi-Pyrenees XC Cup race in July 2010. Their web site has lots of information including maps of marked mountain bike routes in our area.


Cap Vert Vtt logo

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